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It’s not enough for people to get regular moderate exercise as they age. Researchers say it’s also important not to spend the rest your time sitting too much.

In fact, for every hour of sedentary behavior, the odds were 46% greater that people older than 60 would have some disability in ordinary skills such as getting around the house and feeding themselves, according to the study published Wednesday in the Journal of Physical Activity & Health.

Being sedentary will lead to problems “independent of time spent in moderate or vigorous activity,” concluded the researchers, from Northwestern’s Feinberg Medical School, Rush University Medical Center, Harvard School of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

People who replace even half an hour of sedentary time with 30 minutes of light activity can improve their health, researchers said. Stand-up bingo, anyone?

“A sedentary lifestyle is associated with a variety of poor health outcomes, including increased incidence for diabetes, cardiovascular disease and mortality,” the researchers wrote.,0,7209026.story

How do you feel right now? Let me take wild guess …

• Tired?

• Stressed?

• Weak?

• Overweight?

• Depressed?

• Sad and ashamed to look at your self in the mirror?

Am I right?

Here is the secret answer that most people cannot find……









have one)

Really, it is that easy! There are no hidden formulas, diets, special super

magic powder, vitamins, minerals, protein powders or magic bloody wands!

But wait - if it was that easy we all would be fit and healthy, wouldn’t we?

Think back when you were last fit and healthy. It might have been 1, 5, 10, or even 20 years ago. What could you do back then? Could you run, hop, skip, jump, throw a ball, ride a bike, throw a Frisbee? Do you remember what those things are? Could you walk the stairs and still be able to laugh and talk? How did you feel back then? I bet you had heaps of energy, felt alive, and felt strong and happy. You looked forward to getting outside and living a healthy life. You were excited about what the day might bring, and felt proud of yourself and what you could do.

Remember when it gets hard - Excuses change nothing…Exercise will.

U.S. cracks down on fad weight-loss powders, skin creams


U.S. cracks down on fad weight-loss powders, skin creams

(Reuters) – Americans putting their faith in so-called miracle cures to shed unwanted pounds are bound to be disappointed, U.S. regulators said on Tuesday in announcing settlements with four companies accused of deceptively advertising such weight-loss products.

The Federal Trade Commission won agreements from L’Occitane, Inc.; Sensa Products LLC; HCG Diet Direct LLC; and Leanspa LLC. The settlements required them to drop unsubstantiated claims from their ads and, in some cases, to return money to consumers.

The FTC also urged media outlets to scrutinize advertisements more carefully to avoid publishing potentially misleading ads, noting that some of the advertisements for the products – from food additives to skin creams – appeared in mainstream publications.

The commission provided guidance for publishers and broadcasters on how to screen weight-loss claims in advertisements.

The only slim element of the products is their chance of success, said Jessica Rich, director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection.

“Resolutions to lose weight are easy to make but hard to keep. And the chances of being successful just by sprinkling something on your food, rubbing cream on your thighs, or using a supplement are slim to none,” Rich said.

Here is an extract from The Wake Up Call™ Part 2: Interviews with health professionals.Read on to find out what a GP has to say about this subject.
The Doctor.

Stephen: People are wanting a quick fix to lose weight.  It is getting more popular to take a pill thinking that will solve all their problems. Can you explain this? 

Dr: When we’re looking at weight control, a lot of people would like to believe, and it’s just like going to Lotto.  You take your numbers and you hope that you’re going to win Lotto that particular weekend and it’s the same with weight management if people believe that one particular medication is going to reverse everything.  Weight management is a complex issue and there’s not easy road.  If you start to listen to that particular concept that it is not easy but it is reversible with a lot of effort, you will have a successful outcome but you have to be consistent.  See a lot of people say – a snapshot – I’ll do this for a little while – I’ve got a wedding to go to, I need to fit into a particular dress, I’ve got to look good for my daughter or my son and basically they’ll put in an effort and they’ll go to all of these weight-reducing programs and they’ll spend heaps of money on medications because there are medications that will help you.  But all of these particular programs, whilst you are pursuing it, the guarantee is of course you will lose weight and that’s true whilst you pursue the rules and you stick to the diet and you reduce your calorie input and you increase your exercise output then you’re going to reduce your weight.  But the problem is like everyone which is a natural response, after the wedding, the shackles come off, the complacency comes back in, a lot of people go to their old habits, nibble here and nibbled there and suddenly that magic program that they were involved in with a lot of heart, sweat and dedication suddenly is all gone out the window and people will put on weight again.  Do you consider one tablet to do all of this is false.

Another Fad Diet To Set You Up For Failure.

WOW, 4.5 kg’s in a week and by eating soup! Now that is a diet I will stick to for life….

…or you could try what I have taught my clients since 1993. Have a read and hopefully you can take something from it that helps improve your health and fitness.

Self Motivate Your Way to Better Health


One of the ways I have taught people in the past is to take a picture of

yourself naked and place it where you can see it.


YES, that’s right!

If you cannot face looking at your self in the mirror, put a

picture where you can see it every day so it will scare you into



WARNING – take it down when you have friends over, or you may never see them again.


Place reminders everywhere. Hang them in the car, on the mirror, fridge,

computer, in the toilet (door not bowl).


You may use my trademark saying –

 Excuses Change Nothing. Exercise Will!


Or something like –

 Every day and every way I am getting fitter and healthier YES,YES, YES!!!


Or maybe –

All I need is within me now!


Or you could try –

There is no better feeling on earth than fit and healthy!


Make up your own positive messages that mean something to you

personally. Hang up a dress or pants you want to fit into … just do

something that will interrupt your thought pattern.


Write down 10 reasons why you must change today.


“If I don’t change my health will continue to deteriorate.”


Write 10 pleasurable feelings you will get from being fit and healthy again like


“I will have heaps of energy and feeling alive again!”


Write 5 new actions you are going to take to follow through.


“I am going to go on the web or yellow pages and research the best available personal trainer I can find and invest in getting my health back to where it should be.”


Have fun with it, but do it.